The Scientific Way to Learn a Language is the scientifically proven way to learn a new language in the shortest possible time. With an innovative approach that is based on interactive and easy to understand flashcards, SPEAKME provides you with a unique way to learn a language and absorb new information quickly and easily.

  • The Scientific Approach to Learning
  • Learn a Language Quickly and Easily
  • Record your Progress as you Develop
  • A Proven Way to Absorb New Information

Language course
developed by scientists

Intuitive learning
of foreign language

progress verification

100% effectiveness

Interactive Flash Cards

Flash cards provide a stimulating and interactive way to learn your new language. Each card will reveal a phrase which you will then translate into your chosen language. An innovative scientific algorithm repeats cards that you find difficult, allowing you to master your new language in record time.

Full Audio Learning

Perfect your pronunciation with the help of an expert native speaker. With full audio learning available as standard, you will have all the help and guidance that you need to master your new skill so that you can converse fluently with native speakers on any subject matter.

Available Languages can help you learn up to 10 new languages: