The primary global language, English is spoken by billions of people across the world and is the official language in dozens of countries.


German is the language of the economic powerhouse of Europe. A language steeped in history and tradition, German was the language of choice for many of the great writers and philosophers.


A language steeped in romantic notions and traditions, French is one of the most popular languages and is still spoken extensively throughout Europe and Africa.


Spanish is spoken all over the world, and extensively as a native language throughout Latin and South America. An ideal choice for those looking to travel.


The language of the Roman Empire was Latin, and whilst it is now dead it has grown into modern day Italian. When you think of Italian you think of romance, fine food, and centuries of culture.


An easy language to learn and develop, Norwegian follows a set of rules that are simpler than many European languages. A fantastic choice for any beginner looking to learn.


From the land of the Vikings who once ruled the seas and invaded countries as far afield as England, Danish is an elegant and expressive language steeped in centuries of history.


A close cousin of languages such as Norwegian and Danish, Swedish is a creative and expressive language that can be learnt quickly and easily by any willing learner.


Spoken by more than 10 million people, Czech is the native language of the Czech Republic. With a unique geographical location, Czech language and culture has been shaped by the forces of history.


Slovakian is not only spoken in Slovakia, but also widely in Serbia. For a language that allows you to be expressive and creative, look no further than Slovakian.