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10 Tips Every Learner Must Know

Learning a language is a challenge that is there to be embraced, and with these top 10 tips, you will have everything you need to keep going until you master your new language.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect: No new skill can be acquired without a fair amount of practice. Even with the unique scientifically proven approach of SPEAKME.net, you will need to make sure you find the time to practice. If in doubt, little and often is better than a 3 hour session once a week.
  2. Don’t Over Think: Don’t obsess over getting everything perfect straight away, enjoy your new skill and watch it flourish as your language skills build over the weeks and months.
  3. Embrace The Challenge: Learning a new language is something many people want to do, but few ever actually attempt. Feel good about the fact that you are the one actually trying to do it, and be proud of what you have achieved.
  4. Find a Native Speaker: Finding a native speaker and listening to the full audio accompaniments is the ideal way to make sure that you perfect your sentence structure and pronunciation. It is no use knowing loads of words, if you still can’t actually hold a conversation.
  5. Think About the Context: Words mean different things depending on the context, so be sure to explore the multiple meanings certain words have. Once you begin to understand them, you will be well equipped to converse fluently and effortlessly.
  6. Learn a Little Culture: Every language is a reflection of the culture that has created it. Take the time to learn a little about the culture of the country from where your new language emanates, and learn about the people who speak it every day.
  7. Focus on What you Want: If you have a particular level of proficiency that you want to reach, focus on it and make that your goal. Likewise if you want to be able to discuss a particular group of topics, make doing so one of your goals.
  8. Take a Holiday: Don’t take a holiday from learning, take a holiday to the country of your new language. What better way to push your skills to the next level than to immerse yourself in the language and culture for a week?
  9. Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes: Making mistakes is normal, so don't be afraid of doing it yourself. Native speakers do it all the time, so you certainly will. It is all part of learning and nothing to be afraid of.
  10. Read Every Day: Reading in your foreign language is a great way to boost your skills. Whether it be a newspaper, online, or TV subtitles, embrace opportunities that allow you to build learning into everyday life.